Happy Birthday :)

So today is a friend of mine's birthday. He's a drummer. He mocks my love of amigurumi quite regularly :) but he set me a challenge - 'make me animal from the muppets and I'll like what you do.' So here is animal from the muppets. The head was quite hard to make - especially getting the mouth right, but I am really pleased with the result. Let's hope he is too!

Making progress

So this is her so far - she still doesn't have a name. I have some really nice fabric that I want to use to make a top for her - it's from Liberty of London so hopefully soon I can show you some progress being made on that - we'll see! I used eyelash yarn again to make her hair - funky fur by Sidar and actually it was easier to use than some of the other eyelash yarn I have tried.

cat or bear?

This was the second big amigurumi doll I made - back in April or May time. It was supposed to be a cat - I was following the Hep Cat pattern in Amigurumi Super Happy Crochet Cute by Elisabeth Doherty, but somehow he ended up looking more like a bear I think - or maybe a racoon or something - but definitely not a cat! oh well he's still cute -and he's now in England awaiting the birth of my nephew/niece who is due the day after tomorrow!!!

New Project

So this is my latest project - she doesn't have a name yet, we will see how she turns out. I'm thinking of trying to sew her some clothes instead of the clothes being part of the amigurumi - but I need help from a friend, never made a pattern before. We'll see how it goes!

Not Punk Bunny

So this is Not Punk Bunny - made for a friend's baby. His name comes from the fact that I used the Punk Bunny pattern from Amigurumi Super Happy Cute Crochet by Elisabeth Doherty as my guide, but didn't follow it completely, as I didn't really think a Punk Bunny would be suitable for a new born baby...

Mr Batten Burg

So the inspiration for this one came from a necklace I saw on the Super Cute Kawaii blog and from some stuff I bought recently from the Paperchase Food Friends range. So cute:) He is for sale at my etsy shop.


This is Lilac. She is another example of when I have used eyelash yarn. She loves the winter because she can wear fluffy jumpers - and check out her leg warmers :) maybe she's a child of the 80's. Lilac is for sale in my etsy shop.

this might help someone...

So I said that I found it hard to crochet with the fluffy wool - this is how I made it easier. I tied some thread to the wool and crocheted with both together - the thread made it easier to see where the stitches were.

a gift for a friend

This was the first time I experimented with using eyelash yarn - it was pretty hard to use! It's very hard to see the individual stitches and so it's hard to keep the right number of stitches in each row, especially when using the more fluffy yarn used on the jumper sleeves. But I did it - and I'm very happy with the result - as is the friend I gave it too :)

box of bits

a box of bits is essential for every kind of crafter! amongst other things, in my box you can see a variety of eyes which I buy from Enami Eyes and some patterned fabric from Liberty of London.

cute cactus :)

this is one of the first amigurumis I made - with help from Ana Paula Rimoli's book 'Amigurumi World':)

Surfer Girl

Surfer Girl is now in England where she will belong to my soon to be born niece/nephew :)


handmade original amigurumi from outoftheframe

Penelope is for sale on www.outoftheframe.etsy.com