The lost have returned! - (well some of them anyway)

You may remember back in November I posted a blog about a gallery show I was going to be in called Soft Served. Well I posted my stuff off to them on 16th November and by the time the show opened on 11th December my stuff had still not arrived. By 7th January when the show closed my stuff had still not arrived. I went to our local post office 5 or 6 times between the end of November and the middle of January and asked them to track what had happened to these parcels. Each time they gave me some excuse about why it was still too early to track and I should come back another day. Eventually after much persuasion I got them to fill out the search form. Every time I've been to the post office since then I've asked for news of my parcels and been told- nothing yet, you must wait. Today - 28th February I went to the post office to send something. I had totally given up hope and wasn't even going to ask about my parcels today - but amazingly, as soon as I walked in, the man told me that one of the parcels I had lost had been returned! Looking at it I can't see any evidence that it even made it to USA other than the fact that the return to sender label is printed in English - but I don't even know if that means it was returned from USA. Any American readers recognise that RTS sticker? It hasn't been opened by customs or anyone else - when I opened it everything was inside just as I had sent it!

Who knows what kind of journey these little people have been on and although I was sad that they didn't make it to the show, I'm very happy to have them back again! They will be available in my Etsy Shop soon.
And here's to hoping that the other lost parcel will return very soon :)

Custom orders in progress

I've got 4 custom orders to do in the next couple of weeks. They are all caricatures that have been ordered by people to give as presents. I was going to blog yesterday and show you this photo of work in progress - but I forgot! So now you get yesterday and today's work in progress pictures.

Nearly finished this one! only 3 more. I'm always a little bit scared when I'm making caricatures - what if the person is really offended by my impression of them! So far so good - so I hope it continues that way. And if you would like to order a caricature amigurumi doll then please contact me by clicking here or leave a comment with your email address and I'll contact you :)

Were you right?

you might remember I posted a blog a couple of weeks ago called Can you guess what it is yet?. Well now is your chance to see if you got it right! This is the gift I sent to my StrumpetsCrumpets Valentine swap partner Annie from When I am making dolls for specific people rather than just for my shop I like to make the doll a caricature of that person. This is easier to do when you really know someone but you can actually find out enough about someone just from reading their blog to make a pretty good go of it. Annie said that she was wearing almost the same oufit as this little doll the day she arrived! You can read more about what she thinks of this doll by clicking here and reading her blog.

Family Photo

We've had family visiting us this week and it's been fab. This is us at the lakes in Jajce on Tuesday.

The Return of the Eco-bunnies

My Eco-bunnies have returned from from their visit to Stampington and Company where they took part in a photo shoot and appeared in the Winter 2011 issue of Stuffed Magazine. They will now be available in my Etsy shop.

Strumpets Crumpets Valentines Swap

Thank you Annie from Wattlebird Designs for my cute alice band :) and thanks to Becky from Strumpets Crumpets for organising the swap.

what are you doing this Saturday?

This Saturday there is a new gallery opening in St Petersburg Florida called eve-N-odd gallery. I would go to the opening if i lived closer - but as it is I live very very far away and across the sea! The lovely gallery owner Jennifer contacted me last week to ask if I would like to be part of a Stuffed Bunny Show that they will be having in April - and of course I said yes! I've made the bunny already, but now I'm working on a couple of other dolls to send to her as well as she said she would like to carry more of my work! Exciting :) You can find out more about the gallery by liking their facebook page.

Major Periwinkle

After serving Queen and Country for many years Major Periwinkle is now a retired gentleman. He spends his days at the Rotary Club, looking after his grandchildren and walking in St James Park. His shock of white hair is a little alarming at first sight but when you get to know him you will find him very friendly and always ready to entertain you with stories of his adventures in Her Majesty's Service. Oh - and contrary to popular belief he doesn't have a sword hidden in his cane - honestly....