Amigurumi Caricatures

These 2 were a custom order - the customer sent me some photos of her sister and brother-in-law and wrote a little bit about each of them and asked me to make amigurumi caricatures of them. They were great fun to make - and she said they were a big hit!

Cute cushions :)

I haven't blogged for a whole week! We've been really busy preparing a children's show which happened last night. Samaritan's Purse is a charity which runs a something called Operation Christmas Child which organises the distribution of shoeboxes filled with gifts, which have been donated by people around the world, to children in countries in need. We recieved a delivery of around 1000 shoeboxes a couple of weeks ago and have distributed some in schools around the area but the majority of them were given out last night at the end of the show. Some of my amigurumi dolls featured as part of the show in 3 short videos so hopefully they will be up on the blog sometime soon for you to see. In the meantime our sofa cushions got some new super-cute friends this Christmas from mymimi.

Plush-Spotting in Zagreb

This weekend we have been in Zagreb and amongst other things we visited artOmat which is an alternative Christmas fair - selling arty handmade items - including some Plush art!

This artist - Rec has her plush art for sale in a concept store in Zagreb called Prostor which we didn't have time to visit but it's on the list for next time! Their stand at the Craft fair was very cool.

and... as part of the artOmat fair the artists were offering workshops - we were a day too late to go to this one but look - it's called Plush Adventure! (and yes those are naked plush people in the picture maybe I should have put a warning on this blog post!)
As a plush geek kind of person this was all very exciting for me to see that the whole plush art culture thing is starting to take off in this part of the world - although Zagreb is like a whole other world compared to BiH and to the other parts of Croatia I have visited - but anyway it's getting nearer! Now I need to see if I can make contact with any of these people and take part in any shows or craft fairs a bit nearer to home.

I have never been so cold!

I don't think I have ever felt so cold as I have these last few days - but you can't complain too much when everything looks so beautiful and white :)

Momiji Fudge

If you have never heard of Momiji dolls then you must check them out. They are awesome! I am on their mailing list and for December they are doing an 'Advent Calendar' where everyday until Christmas they email something like a discount code or a craft tutorial or some other special offer. The other day they emailed a recipie for fudge (click and scroll down to December 8th) so today I tried it out. It tastes great!

The CandyLand Stories

I'll be off to the post office in the morning to send these 4 pieces off for the CandyLand show which will be at the Hot*Pop Gallery in Milwaukee.

The Great Facebook Bake-off #2

This week's challenge for the Great Facebook Bake-off was to make Christmas cookies. Here's my entry - Stained Glass Window cookies. I made them using a normal cookie recipie. I have some cookie cutters that cut a hole from the middle of the cookie and I put 2 boiled sweets into the hole of each cookie and then put the lot into the oven and baked them as normal. Oh - and as you can see, the snow has now all gone.

First snow-day in Jajce

Last night it snowed - not for the first time this winter, but it was the first time that the snow settled. This is the view from my window this morning - an attempt at a panorama photo hence the line because I don't know how to edit photos! Anyway, as you can see it is a beautiful view. There is another mountain behind the last one you can see but the clouds were over it this morning. This is our first winter living in a really wintry place. I am so excited to see the snow - and this is just the beginning. I can't wait to see snow up to my knees :)

A lot of today's snow has melted already but here is another view from early this evening:

another of my recent creations...

Today has been busy - it's already almost 8:30pm and I haven't done any amigurumi-ing yet! I really need to get on with it because I have a lot of things that need to be sent out on Monday and some of them have not been made yet! So while I go and get on with making more amigurumi you can enjoy looking at another of my recent creations. Hope you like her :)

Little Dead Mommy...

Little Dead Mommy was the very lucky winner of my christmas giveaway and is now the proud owner of a Desktop Christmas Tree :) After the giveaway she contacted me and offered to feature me on her blog one day. She sent me some great interview questions which really made me think and today she has put the post up on her blog. Make sure you click here and read it! You will probably find out something about me that you didn't know before. Oh and don't forget to follow her blog as well.