An easy way to make pom-poms!

I came across this on Pinterest and had to share it. It's a genius idea and it really works - I've tried it! The website address on the picture doesn't work so I don't know who took these photos and came up with this idea originally - but all credit to them anyway.

Doodling on holiday

I'm back from holiday and I thought I'd show you this - I had a go at some doodling embroidery whilst we were away. I'd never done it before but it's pretty easy and very relaxing!

kad srce kaže ljeto...

I won't be posting much - if at all for the next couple of weeks. I'm going to be on this beach :)

Mollie Makes in Bosnia

Mollie Makes is a new UK magazine for 'those who love the crafty life'! It's full of ideas of things to make, interviews with crafters and lots of lovely photos. It even comes with a craft pack stuck to the front of the magazine containing all you need to make one of the projects inside. I heard about it last week on twitter and quickly asked our soon to be visitors to pick me up a copy in WHSmith before coming out to see us. I got the magazine yesterday and I'm pretty sure I'm the proud owner of the first ever Mollie Makes magazine in Bosnia and Herzegovina :)

Birthday Cake!

I came across ThePudgyRabbit on Flickr. She makes super cute amigurumi. Her range of birthday cakes is my favourite. You can find out more about her at

Mille Sweet-tooth

Millie Sweet-tooth will bring a smile to your face as soon as you meet her. She's not like the other mice, she sings in the shower, always wears pink and she prefers candy to cheese! She is just what you need to bring some sunshine into a cloudy day. She's got a Berry Sherbet lolly in her hand which she would be very willing to share with you.

She is available in my Etsy Shop.

The owl is ready to fly!

So here she is - ready to go!

He's finished!

He's finished and I think he looks great :) The shoes took a while to figure out and I took them apart twice in the process. They still aren't perfect, but for a first try I'm happy and I'm sure Sammy will be too.

Giant Amigurumi Owl

My friend asked me to make an amigurumi owl for her daugther's 1st birthday. She said she wanted it to be quite big - so I thought, the easiest way to make something big would be to use thick yarn. It's very big - just over 9inches/23cm tall already and it's not yet finished. Hopefully it isn't so big that the little girl will be scared of it!