Nerdy Nora

This is Nerdy Nora. If you want to meet her in real life then make sure you're at the Plush You! opening night at Schmancy Toys, 1932 2nd Avenue, Seattle on 12th October at 17:00. Click here to go to the facebook event page for more info.

The last few weeks

 Here's a few pictures of where I've been these last few weeks. The month started off nice and sunny but this week there has been loads of rain.
 Paddling in the sea at Brighton beach.
 West beach at Littlehampton
 A Mandeville statue in Covent Garden - part of the Olympic celebrations.
The Team GB lion at the start of the Athlete's parade.

A Parcel from a Squirrel

It's always exciting to be part of a Plush Team swap! You just know you're going to get something fab, and this time was no exception. I got home one evening a couple of weeks ago and my Mother in Law said to me, 'you've got a parcel, it weighs nothing and it's from a squirrel!'

 I immediately ran upstairs to open the parcel knowing that this must be my Plush Team anniversary swap and that it was from none other than Squirrel Momma

And this is what I found inside! Lucky me :) Thank you so much Squirrel Momma :)