Dice Head the Las Vegas Croupier

Introducing Dice Head - the Las Vegas Croupier! I made him for the Plush Team Las Vegas Challenge.
I was in Dubrovnik on Sunday, we were taking my sister and her husband to the airport cos they were going back to the UK. Before we went to the airport we spent some time in the old city walking around, eating lunch etc... Just before we left the old city Matt (my husband) and Andy (brother in law) decided they wanted ice cream. We went into the ice cream place and while they were choosing one of the guys working there asked me and my sister if we wanted ice cream. We said no and he said 'visiting Dubrovnik and not trying the ice cream is like going to Vegas and not playing the casinos.' to which I replied 'I've done that too!'


Itsy Bitsy Spider said...

Just looking at him makes me feel lucky ;-)

Blessed Flower said...

Its very creative "creature" ;) I wonder where did u get such small cards :)

Josh Healy said...

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