cute things that make me smile :)

I've been spending quite a bit of time getting to know my way around etsy over these last few days - and there's so much to learn! I've been taking part in forums, visiting the virtual labs and reading the storque blog. One of the things that caught my attention was the etsy treasury - a place where you can create a page of 12 items which you like - and then upload that list to share with others. There are a limited number of treasury lists that can be up at any one time so you have to wait for a space to come up - and from what I read in the forums, a gap can be quite hard to find as they are highly sought after! but... I got one and here's my list. If you want to see more of what each of these sellers has to offer I have listed the urls of their shops below - they are in order of the pictures working from left to right. I have put up more then one item by some sellers. Enjoy :)

Tweedy Cat

Tweedy cat likes to be outside and to climb trees. As you can see, he ripped his jeans climbing a tree last week and had to have them patched up. Today he had better luck - he climbed up the tree, picked a lovely red apple and put it in his bag ready to eat later on.

Tweedy cat is for sale in my etsy shop.

raspberries and custard

Happy Christmas everyone :)
I finished making raspberries and custard yesterday. She's really got the colour co-ordinated accessories down to a fine art - and check out her mittens, complete with safety strings so she doesn't lose them, just like we all had when we were kids.
raspberries and custard is for sale in my etsy shop.

a snowy day in Mostar

This is my first non-amigurumi related post! but I thought I'd show you what our street looks like today. I don't know if I've ever seen this kind of snow before - coming from the south of England -and it's pretty unusual here in Mostar too. We went out into town to enjoy the snow this morning and took lots of photos. I love this photo because of the bright colours of the graffiti against the beautiful white snow.

bunny prepared...

This is bunny prepared. I made him over the weekend. I seem to be on a roll of making bags for amigurumis at the moment - so he has a bag, and in the bag a carrot! He makes me smile every time I look at him. He really looks like he's about to start out on a mission...

accessories for amigurumis!

You may have seen pictures of this amigurumi before - she was a gift for a friend. This same friend saw the Ali(en) cat I made and was jealous of his bag, so asked me to make a bag for her amigurumi! I haven't given it to her yet but I think she'll like it - it matches her outfit and comes complete with lunch. If you are interested in having your own amigurumi then check out my etsy shop and if you really want a bag to go with it then convo me :) he he


Here she is! I gave up on the idea of sewing a dress - I couldn't get my head round it and my friend was busy and I just wanted to get her finished. I'll sew a dress for another amigurumi. But anyway I'm really happy with her crocheted outfit she's so stylish! She is for sale in my etsy shop and you can see more photos there or on my Flickr account. If you're reading this blog then leave me a comment and let me know what you think! Cao :)

Ali(en) Cat

Ali(en) Cat is my latest creation. He is part cat and part alien - not sure why, but that's the way he turned out! He has his bag of stuff with him so he's ready to return to his planet at any time - or perhaps to move to live with someone who buys him from my etsy shop! You can see more photos of him on my Flickr account.