Seen for the first time...

Anyone who knows me from when I lived in the UK will know that I love salt and vinegar crisps, (or chips if you're American!) and that I especially love sea salt and balsamic vinegar kettle chips. When we moved to Bosnia and Herzegovina I was surprised and saddend to find that there exists a country where there are no salt and vinegar crisps! They have peanut flavour, which is totally weird, and no salt and vinegar. BUT... that all changed today. I found salt and vinegar crisps in our local supermarket, and I ate them! I can report that they are fairly average salt and vinegar crips flavour - nothing like kettle chips, but good all the same, and especially good when you haven't had any for a very long time. The problem is that on the front of the packet it says 'The taste of summer'. Summer was over a few months ago and this is confirmed by the fact that the best before date is 01.12.2011 - next week! So who knows where these crisps have been hiding all summer, but I know they haven't been in the shops, and who knows if after next week there will be anymore! But I'll enjoy them while they are here and hope that some local people enjoy them too and that it catches on :) Here's to the future of salt and vinegar crisps in Bosnia and Herzegovina!

Gabby is in the newspaper!

This is an advert made by modamo.KreArtiva for the newspaper Večernji List for the craft fair in Mostar in December and there in the bottom right hand corner is Gabby the love messenger doll! I'm not sure if it's already been in the paper or if it's yet to come out. I just found out about it so I hope it's not out yet so that I can buy a copy :)

Getting ready for the craft fair

I haven't blogged for a couple of weeks and maybe some of you have started to think that I've stopped making dolls! But no... here is the evidence of what I've been doing lately. I've been busy getting ready for the craft fair in Mostar in December and life has been generally busy too. These 3 dolls are awaiting accessories. Apart from that i'm focusing on Christmas stuff to sell at the fair.

Ako voliš lijepe stvari...

dođi u Mostar 10 i 11.12.2011.