Featured in Etsy Treasury

Today I have been featured in 2 etsy treasuries! I've never been in one before - and now 2 on the same day :)

Thanks to Zazu and Matchstick Girl for featuring me.

Animal - Mark II

You might remember back in October I made an amigurumi animal for a drummer friend of mine. Well last month, after seeing some pictures I'd put up on ravelry of animal, Isabella of MyNameisNotKing asked me to consider making her an animal. I thought about it and sent her a quote which she seemed happy with and we came up with a deal. He needs to be ready for the middle of February. I've been working on him today and he's coming to life! This post is especially for Isabella so she can see how he's coming on!

Jenny the Social Bunny

Jenny is social bunny. Going out with friends is something she loves doing. In her bag is everything a social bunny needs - a mobile phone for calling friends, a diary in which to write down all her social arrangements and a mirror so she can check her hair is not in a mess. When she's not out with friends she's usually at home talking with them on facebook or skype. If you want to invite Jenny over to your place she'd be really happy to meet you. You can contact her through my etsy shop.

Frank Camera

Frank Camera is a specialist architecture photographer and his favourite medium is black and white photography. He loves to take photos in the big cities of the world - some of his best photos so far were taken New York City - the Flat Iron Building, the Empire State and rows of Brownstones being amongst his favourites. At the moment he is working on a photography project in Bosnia Herzegovina but after that he will be looking for a new job. Have you got a project for him where you live? If so you can contact him via my etsy shop.

Mac Apple - or is it apple mac?

Mac Apple is a graphic designer. He's into retro design and loves the London Underground Map. He prefers to go around barefoot as it helps him feel the creative vibes - but when it's really not practical he does wear shoes. More important to him than shoes is his MacBook pro which he always has with him in case inspiration strikes.
Mac Apple is available in my etsy shop.

Exciting times...

Exciting times! On Saturday I made my first real etsy sale - until then all my sales had been to family members which kinda doesn't count. And more exciting news - I joined the etsy plush team.
Today's excitment was going to the sewing shop and stocking up on wool. As you can see by the labels on these balls of wool there isn't much choice when it comes to different brands of wool here in Mostar - pretty much there is just the one brand! Nakolen. The shop I go to is called Vez. It's a good little shop - but there just isn't the stuff available here that you can get in the UK or USA. I get my safety eyes from Enamieyes on etsy. The eyelash yarn that I use for fluffy jumpers and hair gets sent to me from the UK by my Mum.

Polyfibre stuffing seems to be impossible to get hold of here so I have to get people to send it to me from UK. When I first started to make amigurumis I realised that I needed to buy some stuffing. Not being fluent in the language yet, I didn't know the word for stuffing so I looked it up in the dictionary, walked up the road to Vez and asked the shop keeper 'Imate li nadjev?' He looked at me very strangely so I started to explain it was white stuff to make dolls. He laughed and said 'ok so do you mean this?' and showed me a bag of chopped up bits of foam. I explained that I really wanted white fluffy stuff but he said that was the only stuffing they sold. Anyway, turns out I had asked him for the kind of stuffing you put inside a chicken and not the kind you put inside dolls!

Amigurumi in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Amigurumi is becoming popular all over the world. On etsy you will find lots of people selling amigurumi toys and patterns. People from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Italy, China and more. But if you look on etsy for sellers from Bosnia and Herzegovina or if you google 'amigurumi bosnia herzegovina' there are only 2 people that come up in the google search. One is me and the other is Pepika. Pepika makes amigurumi and sells patterns. It seems that her trademark amigurumis are cute little fluffy bears like this one. She has a website http://www.pepika.com/ and and etsy shop http://www.pepika.etsy.com/. Visit her websites and check out her work and while you're at it, see what you can find out about Bosina and Herzegovina. It is a country that most people have only heard about in a negative context because of war, but there is so much more to it than that - as Pepika says on her website 'it is a beautiful, yet isolated part of Europe.' - it really is, I love living here and I would say if you get the chance it's really worth a visit!

Sunshine at Christmas

It's pouring with rain today and I would really love to see a bit of sunshine! A few years ago we spent Christmas in Cape Town with Matt's brother and family. It was sooo nice to go from rainy cold England to the sunshine of Cape Town - and even nicer to see our family who we hadn't seen for a long time.

Tomorrow they are coming from Cape Town (via visiting family in UK) to visit us here in Mostar and this time we haven't seen them for an even longer time - nearly 2 1/2 years! I can't believe we're actually going to see them :) so exciting - and now there's 4 of them - last time we saw them there was only 3. So they are swapping the chance of sunshine at Christmas to come and visit family on the other side of the globe.

And while they are here, my sister has gone with her husband to visit friends in Cape Town and is sending me texts like 'sunbathing, just been swimming in the pool...' so someone in our family is enjoying sunshine at Christmas. What a well travelled family we are!

This is Lulu. She also loves sunshine at Christmas and sea and sand. She's been surfing since she could stand and has won lots of competitions. She loves it when she beats the guys. She's just picked herself some hibisucs flowers and made herself a lei to welcome the new year in. She is available in my etsy shop.

Happy New Year from Fluffy Bunny

Fluffy Bunny is a bit different from the others - he's still living in the 60's with his flared trousers and slightly spaced out look. The other bunnies are very excited about 2010 and the new fashions that will be coming out, but Fluffy Bunny isn't thinking about that, he's thinking of peace and love and all the meaningful things that would really make 2010 a special year.

Happy New Year