The road signs of life

More preparation for camp - life is a journey, look out for the road signs of life!

Rainbow Birthday

It was my birthday last week and I thought I'd show you a couple of the presents I got:

A lovely rainbow hoodie and a Hello Kitty Momiji doll who you will see if you look closely is also wearing rainbow clothes.

Life is a journey

The theme of the next camp we are going on is 'Life is a journey'. These are some things I have prepared for the craft workshops.

Paper Heart garland made from maps - tutorial by minnesotamom

Paper wallet made from a map - tutorial by Having an Art-A-Tack

It even has a place for your bank cards!

Happy Campers!

I haven't blogged in ages. What have I been doing? Camping mostly! Or preparing for camps.

Yesterday we got back from the teenagers camp at Emek Beraka campsite on Boracko Jezero. We had a great time. Everyday was packed with activities including sports, group work, adventure challenge, learning about Jesus and making sock monkeys!