My Plush Swap parcel has arrived!

When I saw that Diane Koss of Cutesy but not Cutesy had posted in our Plush Team forum that she had sent her swap partner's parcel to a 'far away land' I started secretly hoping that it was coming my way. (I think Bosnia and Herzegovina qualifies as quite a far away place.) And my hope was not disappointed! On Friday I went to the post office to check our PO Box and there was the yellow piece of paper telling me that a parcel had arrived. I quickly went to the counter to retrieve my parcel and there on the front were the sender details... It was from Diane :)

Luckily the post office is only a couple of minutes away from our house so I didn't have to wait long to open it.

And inside I found some super cute card characters, a lovely message and...

An orange bunny!! Thank you so much Diane, He has joined my happy plush family and is fitting in just fine.