all over the place

This month I have been all over the place - different towns and even different countries. As a result my amigurumi making is also all over the place as you can see from this photo - lots of unfinished projects. And now I'm off again... to Jajce. While I'm away don't forget to check out my etsy shop.

Have yourself a very kawaii Christmas...

Continuing on in the Christmas mood... Here is a Christmas tree decoration I made earlier today - perfect for decorating that kawaii Christmas tree you've always wanted he he :) you can buy it here in my etsy shop.

Christmas Gifts...

Christmas is coming soon - and little punk and tiny dancer have been bought as Christmas gifts. If you want to give someone something cool, cute, handmade and unusual for Christmas this year why not check out my etsy shop! I have been christmas shopping on etsy myself already - it's an excellent alternative to the normal shops you'd go into. No more Marks and Spencers, Accessorize, Argos or Toys'r'us- as nice as those shops may be - buy something handmade for Christmas this year :)

a new creation...

This is what I started making today - he/she/it looks a little strange, not sure yet how it will turn out, but I'll keep you updated as the mystery unfolds. The hair looks a lot better in real life -it's like a big afro except it's not curly.


This little mouse loves to dance but I'm not sure if she would make it as a real ballerina.... she's a little bit chubby! reminds me of when I did ballet as a kid :) don't forget to check out my etsy shop for more cute amigurumis.

Dress Making?

So - I've noticed that I start nearly all my blogs with 'so'! Anyway, she is finished - all that is needed is to make the dress, and that is where I'm stuck. I had a go at drawing some ideas and kind of thought about making some paper patterns - but I really haven't got a clue how to do it, so I'll wait to hear back from my friend and see if she'll help me later on this week.

Little Punk

so this is Little Punk - mostly made in Sarajevo :) He is available now in my etsy shop.


So I am in Sarajevo at the moment with not much internet access so I haven't posted any blogs for a few days. I will be here for a few more days so there won't be much action on here and I won't have much time for making amigurumis - but here's a photo of one I made earlier! I was really happy with how the hair turned out - and the socks and shoes :) you can see more pictures on my Flickr account.


So this is Max - he's a mouse. He's all wrapped up for the autumn weather wearing a very nice scarf with a bell on it! and the bell actually rings :) I decided to try making some smaller amigurumi dolls because they take less time and I want to get more products into my etsy store. So I'm still working on a big doll, but now I've got a few projects on the go at the same time. If you like Max you can buy him from my etsy store.

Pretty Patterns

So here is the fabric I plan to use to make some kind of top/dress for my still un-named amigurumi. It's from Liberty of London. I haven't got any further in deciding when and how I'm going to make this dress - but when I do I'll let you know.