Jajce Craft Party #2

We enjoyed our Etsy Craft Party in June so much that we decided to do it again last week. As you can see, we had a great time. Craft Party #3 is coming - just need to choose a date...

PlushYou 2011

The PlushYou 2011 opening night was on Friday. As I don't live anywhere near Seattle I didn't go, but some of my dolls made it there without me! I haven't seen many photos yet, I'm sure they'll start to appear on Flickr soon, but I did see this one on twitter and if you look carefully you can spot my dolls :) Thanks to Kristen and Schmancy Toys for putting on this exhibition again.

How to make a scarf from an old t-shirt

This is another tutorial from makeit-loveit.com found via Pinterest. I didn't follow the tutorial exactly as I made my scarf from an old t-shirt rather than from shop bought t-shirt fabric so I didn't have enough fabric to make it exactly like the one in the tutorial.

How to make a necklace from ribbon and washers

This is another tutorial I found on Pinterest. It is from a blog called Tiny Sparkly Things and is another well written and easy to follow tutorial with pictures to help. Click on the link and have a go yourself!

How to make a 5 way braided hair band from old t-shirts

I have recently discovered Pinterest. It is highly addictive and an amazing resource of ideas for craft and cooking. I've been trying out a few of the tutorials I found on there and I'll do a series of blog posts to show you what I made and to link you to the tutorials I used.

This hair band is made from an old t-shirt! The five-way braid is surprisingly easy and I'm very happy with how it turned out. The tutorial I used is from makeit-loveit.com. It is really well written and has photos to help you as well.