Threadknits Competition

After a couple of days of unsuccessfully trying to enter this competition the website got fixed :) so here is my entry. And today it has been featured on the threadknits facebook fanpage he he!

Essi the Eskimo

This is Essi the Eskimo. He is an Ice Lolly Farmer. He was on his way home from harvesting some of his crop when he started to feel a bit hungry so he decided dip into his basket and see just how good this year's orange lollies taste :)

Essi the Eskimo was inspired by a t-shirt from and will hopefully be my entry into the threadknits competition if only the website will let me sign in!

Ernie the Book Cat

Ernie the Book Cat loves nothing more than curling up infront of the fire with a good book. He visits the library every Tuesday to pick up something new. His favourite kind of books are stories of far-away lands and people from different cultures. He has just been to the library and is now walking home with his latest book stuffed into his bag. The trouble is that he lives alone and he can get quite lonely. If you love books and cats maybe you could invite him to live with you. You can contact him via my etsy shop.

Schoolgirl Sally has been Stumbledupon

I put Sally up for sale in my etsy shop today at 17:45. It is now 21:35 and she has had 212 views - making her my 3rd most viewed item! The other two items with more views than her have been in my shop for 4 months! How on earth did that happen? Well I think it happened thanks to Stumbleupon. I add all my listings and all my blog posts to the crafts section of Stumbleupon and ususally it doesn't give me much traffic - but for some reason today Sally has been Stumbledupon 156 times!

Sally is on her way to school. She had a great weekend hanging out with friends but she didn't do her homework. But - never fear, she has a plan - she's going to use the oldest trick in the book... Her school bag is empty except for an apple. She plans to tell her teacher that the dog ate her homework and then give her the apple!

Sally is available at my etsy shop

featured on

Today I am featured on - a fab website with loads of pictures of cute handmade things! Have a look for yourself and click the cute button when you see things you like.

preparing for the winter olympics...

Yesterday we went to Sarajevo. There are many good reasons to go to Sarajevo, including the amazing cafe Torte i to where you can get the best cheesecake ever and the fact that there is a cinema. But yesterday we found another reason - sledging! The Winter Olympics in 1984 were held in Sarajevo which was then part of Yugoslavia. (today it is the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina in case you didn't know) Yesterday we were walking around in the park enjoying the snow and then we saw some people sledging down the paths. This made some of our group very excited so we went across the street to the toy shop and bought some little plastic sledge thingys and joined in the fun! Winter Olympics has been on my mind a lot recently because of entering the Schmancy Olympic Challenge competition. I hope that yesterday's brief winter sports fun in the Olympic City of Sarajevo will bring me inspiration and that I come up with something really fab!

StarPuff needs a place to stay

StarPuff is feeling a little bit of culture shock as this is her first visit to planet earth. She would like to meet and get to know some earthlings but she is quite shy. Maybe you could introduce yourself to her and offer help her to settle in on this strange planet. She needs to find a place to stay and then she would like to enrole in an art school. If you want to be her friend you can contact her at my etsy shop.

International Travel

This is the latest creature to leave our lovely home and fly across the sea to somewhere new.
When I went to the post office to post him, the lady looked at the address on the parcel - UK and then looked at me and started gesticulating and pointing obviously trying to tell me something - but I had no idea what! I guess she thought as I was sending something to the UK, I was from the UK (which I am) and so could not speak the local language. It was really funny that she didn't even try speaking to me - not in her own language or any other language, she just pointed and made faces. Anyway thankfully I can speak the local language in a basic way - and so I should be able to after being here for 16months, and so I was able to ask her what she was trying to tell me and we got it all sorted! he he - the joys of living in a foreign country.