Schoolgirl Sally has been Stumbledupon

I put Sally up for sale in my etsy shop today at 17:45. It is now 21:35 and she has had 212 views - making her my 3rd most viewed item! The other two items with more views than her have been in my shop for 4 months! How on earth did that happen? Well I think it happened thanks to Stumbleupon. I add all my listings and all my blog posts to the crafts section of Stumbleupon and ususally it doesn't give me much traffic - but for some reason today Sally has been Stumbledupon 156 times!

Sally is on her way to school. She had a great weekend hanging out with friends but she didn't do her homework. But - never fear, she has a plan - she's going to use the oldest trick in the book... Her school bag is empty except for an apple. She plans to tell her teacher that the dog ate her homework and then give her the apple!

Sally is available at my etsy shop