Across the World...

Yesterday I posted this parcel. It has 3 dolls in it and they are destined for Schmancy in Seattle to appear at PlushYou Seattle 2010. I'm always a little bit scared when I post things to far away places in case they get lost on the way, but so far that hasn't happened. One parcel I sent to the states did take 6 weeks which is why I've sent this one in plenty of time. I really hope they arrive safely as I'm pretty excited about the opportunity to have my amigurumis at PlushYou!
PlushYou LA opens this evening at Munky King. If you're in the area go and have a look. There's some amazing stuff to be seen.


Isabella Kiss said...

haha...yeah that animal of mine took a while. :)

Also, a missionary came to my church last night. He travels throughout Europe and one of the places he frequents is Bosnia. I thought of you. (His site: (and make sure you use .ORG and not .COM. I switched them and the dotcom site was something crazy of another religion...)