International Travel

This is the latest creature to leave our lovely home and fly across the sea to somewhere new.
When I went to the post office to post him, the lady looked at the address on the parcel - UK and then looked at me and started gesticulating and pointing obviously trying to tell me something - but I had no idea what! I guess she thought as I was sending something to the UK, I was from the UK (which I am) and so could not speak the local language. It was really funny that she didn't even try speaking to me - not in her own language or any other language, she just pointed and made faces. Anyway thankfully I can speak the local language in a basic way - and so I should be able to after being here for 16months, and so I was able to ask her what she was trying to tell me and we got it all sorted! he he - the joys of living in a foreign country.