Amigurumi in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Amigurumi is becoming popular all over the world. On etsy you will find lots of people selling amigurumi toys and patterns. People from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Italy, China and more. But if you look on etsy for sellers from Bosnia and Herzegovina or if you google 'amigurumi bosnia herzegovina' there are only 2 people that come up in the google search. One is me and the other is Pepika. Pepika makes amigurumi and sells patterns. It seems that her trademark amigurumis are cute little fluffy bears like this one. She has a website and and etsy shop Visit her websites and check out her work and while you're at it, see what you can find out about Bosina and Herzegovina. It is a country that most people have only heard about in a negative context because of war, but there is so much more to it than that - as Pepika says on her website 'it is a beautiful, yet isolated part of Europe.' - it really is, I love living here and I would say if you get the chance it's really worth a visit!


Isabella Kiss said...

i had surprisingly never even heard of it until you! but now i am hooked (no pun intended!)!!!! So many possibilities!