I've been tagged...

I was tagged by CraftyMummy2two at Gloomy Gurumi to write 7 things about myself and ask 7 other creative bloggers to do the same. I decided to add some photos too - blogs are always more interesting with photos - so if you're tagged by me please add a photo or 2 to your answers:) So here goes...

1. I always wear a cute hair slide - flowers and bows mostly!

2. I love the summer and can't wait to wear summer shoes again.

3. I live in Bosnia Herzegovina but I'm British

4. I love Jesus

5. I'm married and this month we'll have our 12th wedding anniversary. People often mistake me for being 18 or 20 years old so the fact that I have been married so long often shocks people!

6. Music is everywhere in my life.

7. I love being with people.

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~CraftyMummy2two~ said...

hehe thanks for doing this:) I was going to add photos but sorta inbetween photo programs right now waiting for mine to come in the mail it was suppose to bein today but now not till tuesday my poor blog looks so sad without no recent photos lol