Trying New Things

One of my best friends is having a baby very soon and because there isn't much choice of funky baby stuff available here in Bosnia Herzegovina we're making it all ourselves! She has decided that 'Owls' is the theme for the baby's room. This is my first attempt at making plush using a sewing machine and I think it came out ok. I'll keep going and make a few more and see which one turns out best!
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Isabella Kiss said...

Rowan! That is awesome! My mom actually makes stuffies like that, and fills their limbs with lavender. I actually have a rather crazy looking walrus (named Eggman.) that I sleep with. (and yes, i did just admit that over the internet. He smells delicious, okay!?)

Velma said...

very cute! I think it looks great!

marci said...

This is so cute! I love making felt plushies, too! I love the shape of this owl. :)