finally - a space to be creative

Those of you who regularly read my blog will know that very soon - like in about 10 days we are moving from Mostar to Jajce. I'm excited about moving for lots of reasons, new challenges, new start, new opportunites, meeting new people, exciting times, living in a beautiful part of the world and somewhere new to live.

We found a place to live in Jajce about a month ago and over the last couple of weeks we've been moving our furniture there and getting it ready for when we move in. It's a really great place - probably the biggest place we've lived in in our 12 years of being married which means that we have space to be creative! No more wool and amigurumi stuff all over the sofa and the living room floor. No more guitars sleeping in the spare bed or camping out in the living room. Finally we have enough space so that everything can have it's place :)
This is one corner of my space - there's another corner too but it's not finished yet. Oh and the view from the window is amazing - but that can be another blog post!