Exciting times...

Exciting times! On Saturday I made my first real etsy sale - until then all my sales had been to family members which kinda doesn't count. And more exciting news - I joined the etsy plush team.
Today's excitment was going to the sewing shop and stocking up on wool. As you can see by the labels on these balls of wool there isn't much choice when it comes to different brands of wool here in Mostar - pretty much there is just the one brand! Nakolen. The shop I go to is called Vez. It's a good little shop - but there just isn't the stuff available here that you can get in the UK or USA. I get my safety eyes from Enamieyes on etsy. The eyelash yarn that I use for fluffy jumpers and hair gets sent to me from the UK by my Mum.

Polyfibre stuffing seems to be impossible to get hold of here so I have to get people to send it to me from UK. When I first started to make amigurumis I realised that I needed to buy some stuffing. Not being fluent in the language yet, I didn't know the word for stuffing so I looked it up in the dictionary, walked up the road to Vez and asked the shop keeper 'Imate li nadjev?' He looked at me very strangely so I started to explain it was white stuff to make dolls. He laughed and said 'ok so do you mean this?' and showed me a bag of chopped up bits of foam. I explained that I really wanted white fluffy stuff but he said that was the only stuffing they sold. Anyway, turns out I had asked him for the kind of stuffing you put inside a chicken and not the kind you put inside dolls!


HellyersOnline said...

that could be a real unique twist... sage and onion scented plush toys :)

Well done for getting your sale - and for being on the plush team!

From Dave and Shell