Plush-Spotting in Zagreb

This weekend we have been in Zagreb and amongst other things we visited artOmat which is an alternative Christmas fair - selling arty handmade items - including some Plush art!

This artist - Rec has her plush art for sale in a concept store in Zagreb called Prostor which we didn't have time to visit but it's on the list for next time! Their stand at the Craft fair was very cool.

and... as part of the artOmat fair the artists were offering workshops - we were a day too late to go to this one but look - it's called Plush Adventure! (and yes those are naked plush people in the picture maybe I should have put a warning on this blog post!)
As a plush geek kind of person this was all very exciting for me to see that the whole plush art culture thing is starting to take off in this part of the world - although Zagreb is like a whole other world compared to BiH and to the other parts of Croatia I have visited - but anyway it's getting nearer! Now I need to see if I can make contact with any of these people and take part in any shows or craft fairs a bit nearer to home.