Chocolate Mug Cake

When we lived in the UK we had pudding pretty much every day - I mean what meal is complete without pudding? But here in Bosnia and Herzegovina it's pretty unusual to have pudding after your meal. This was pretty hard to get used to at first - but now I can easily finish a meal without feeling the longing for chocolate cake and ice cream. Today however we decided we would have pudding - so I made 2 chocolate mug cakes. You can make one in 5mins, they're super easy, taste good and it's kind of amusing to watch them rise in the microwave. If you've never made one before then click here and give it a go.


briskmamma said...

This mug cake look delicious. I do not have microwave ;( In Bosnia you can finish meal with hurmaĊĦice or rahatlokum :)

out of the frame said...

I love rahatlokum :)