more of my sewing endevours...

This week I've been to a sewing course that was held in our church for a couple of hours each morning. While most people were interested in making clothes for themselves I decided to try making clothes for amigurumis!
'a' is my first attempt at making a summer tunic top type thing. It was a bit bulky round the top but not too bad as first try.
'b' is my second attempt and turned out a lot better.
'c' is one of my dolls wearing the top - it doesn't really go with her outfit but I had to try it on a doll to check it was the right size.
'd' shows my first attempt at making jeans - they're unfinished and a bit too small so I'll try again later.
All in all I think it's pretty good progress for 3 mornings work and has given me the basics I need to keep going. Eventually I'm sure I'll make something I'm really happy with.
And if you're interested in how my curtains turned out you can see one of them in my blog post finally - a space to be creative.