Crochet Hero 3KCBWDAY3

I'm a bit behind with these blog posts! Life is pretty hectic these days. But here we go with Day 3 - Crochet Hero. Pictures like this one of amigurumi dolls made by Elisabeth Doherty are what inspired me to start making amigurumi. Her dolls have so much personality and each one is unique. You can see more of her dolls if you click here. She has actually stopped making amigurumi now and has started to make other dolls. You can see them if you click here. She has published a book of her amigurumi patterns and it was that book that helped me get started in making my own patterns for my dolls. You can buy the book from amazon if you click here.


Marie/Underground Crafter said...

What a cool design. Thanks for sharing your hero and introducing me to a new (to me) designer!

out of the frame said...

Marie - It is an amazing design! I wish I could make clothes like that for my dolls. Glad you enjoyed the blog post.