Cutting up, not throwing away

I'm making another Eco-gurumi at the moment - out of plastic bags again.
In a few months time we'll be moving to another town called Jajce. Part of packing and getting ready to go will include getting rid of old clothes. I have quite a lot of t-shirts which are now very old and have little holes in here and there so I really don't need to take them with me when we move. I was feeling bad about just throwing them away but then I realised I could cut them up just like I have the plastic bags and make Eco-gurumi from old t-shirts! So that's my next project... keep reading the blog to see how it goes!


Isabella Kiss said...

such good ideas! i should try it! :)

Blessed Flower said...

Interesting :) In case you have too much and you think that you cannot use them all... instead of trowing them away I could use them for my bags ;) ... just a thought ;)