Cupcake competition

Some of my friends have started a group on facebook called The Great FB Bakeoff and the idea is to bake stuff in whatever category they choose, post the photos and let people vote. The first category they've chosen is Cupcakes. I've never done cupcakes before. I've done muffins which are similar but the don't require the fancy icing that cupcakes do! These are the cupcakes I've made this evening still in their pre-icing state. I think icing will come tomorrow I'm too tired for that now. They are Banana and White Chocolate Cupcakes from my favourite book How to Be a Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson.
Interestingly I used rubber reusable cupcake cases for the first time today and as you can see those cupcakes came out flat on top whereas the ones I made using paper cases look more like muffins! I'm sure there's a scientific explaination for that but I have no idea what it is! Anyone?


Tania said...

My brilliant husband reckons that the flat tops are because the top of the cupcake gets hot, and baked, before the content of the cup can warm sufficiently to rise. Once the rising starts, the top is already firm and so the rising batter can't make the familiar domed shape we all expect. In a paper cup, the heat penetrates the batter sooner - before the top hardens completely, and so the rising batter causes the top to dome and crack open - like the examples on the left in your picture. In the silicone cup, in order to get the domed shape, try scoring the top before baking - though the batter may be too runny to allow for this.


By the way - my husband wrote this, so excuse the techie nerdiness.