Dan Avnoj-a - a funny moment!

Tomorrow is Dan Republike - or should I say was Dan Republike in the former Yugoslavia. It was the day when the creation of the country was celebrated. The actual meeting in which Yugoslavia was signed into being took place in Jajce ,the town where we now live, on 29th November 1943. Yugoslavia is no more but there are plenty of people who still remember the good old days and for some of those people Jajce is a place of pilgrimage and they come every year for the Dan Republike celebrations. This year we were part of those celebrations playing a mixture of Ex-Yu rock and English language covers. It was great fun and we were well recieved. This video shows what happened when the vibrations caused by a band playing loud music on a slightly dodgy stage caused a PA speaker to fall over and hit the keyboard on it's way down! Amazingly we didn't miss a beat and carried on til the end of the song. And even more amazingly the keyboard wasn't damaged at all - as you can see if you watch this video of us playing another song later on!