Fairytale of New York

When I got my Amazon Kindle, one of the first books I read was Fairytale of New York by Miranda Dickinson. Why did I choose it? Because at the time it was free, and I liked the cover. Shallow answer I know, but in this case it did work to judge the book by it's cover! Because I enjoyed it, I then bought her other book Welcome to my World and started to follow her on Twitter - @Wurdsmyth.

One day I saw she had tweeted asking if anyone could read cyrilic because Fairytale of New York had just been published in Bulgarian and she wanted to know what the quotes were on the cover. I replied saying I could but in Serbian not Bulgarian. I knew that the languages had some similarities so I said I'd give it a go. They do have some similarities and I could translate some of the words, but thankfully she found a real Bulgarian to translate it all properly! Anyway, to say thank you for the help I gave her, which was not much at all - I translated about 5 words, She sent me this parcel which arrived today. In it were signed copies of Fairytale of New York in English and in Bulgarian and a bar of Galaxy chocolate, which just happens to be my favourite English chocolate and something that I can't buy here in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It made for a lovely start to the day!

If you read my blog regularly you might have seen this doll before. Her name is Tulip and she is available in my Etsy Shop. I got the inspiration for her from reading Fairytale in New York - the main character in the book runs a florist shop.


Nicole said...

Very cool! I have been thinking of getting a Kindle and you may have convinced me =)

out of the frame said...

Get one! They are amazing :)