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I hope you aren't going to get bored with me going on about the craft fair I was at over the weekend, but it was really good so I'm going to tell you about it anyway!

This is my table. I'm really happy with how I set it out, it looked so cute and funny with all those big eyes looking about! I was really encouraged by how many positive comments I got from people who seemed to love my dolls as much as I do! It's the first time I've exhibited them when I have been present so I've never had those kinds of comments before. Thank you to Zanovijetak Cvijetak who I think too this photo - and if she didn't she took some other great photos which I'll put in another blog post. If you like to accessorise with flowers check out her facebook page.

And this is a review of the craft fair in the newspaper - why is that exciting? It's exciting because I made the headline! It says 'There's something for everyone, from jewellery and bags to dolls made using a japanese knitting technique.'