Cream Cheese Brownies and Amigurumi

For those of you (is there anyone?) who read my blog regularly you might remember a month or so back I posted something about cream cheese brownies. I posted that because the amigurumi I was working on was for a friend and she didn't want anyone to see it before her and so as I couldn't blog about amigurumi that day I blogged about baking instead! Well I have now seen that friend and given her the doll so I can now show you some pictures. I'm really happy with how she turned out. I think the eyes are great - even though I may say so myself! And the bag is pretty good too :) The doll is about 30cm tall. And funnily enough, today I made some more cream cheese brownies for a Hen night that I'm just about to go to!


Isabella Kiss said...

her eyes are beautiful! i love them!

and our people( that I mean, YOUR people and my people at heart...) won today against slovenia and are adddvannncccing! not sure how much you care about football/soccer, but im excited!

out of the frame said...

Thanks :) I'm excited about the football too - and a little bit nervous about Sunday!

Sandra said...

Very pretty! :)