Where is the sales fairy?

I decided to take a break from making my custom orders to make something to go into my shop. It's amazing how quickly shop views go down if you don't list items and shop views is what it's all about! I know that people like my stuff and that they will buy it because when I was featured on the storque I got 4 sales in 2 days but now it's been a while since the sales fairy visited my shop and it's all to do with views. How can I get more people to view my shop? I use facebook and twitter (although I'm not that good at twitter) and this blog but still I'm not getting enough visitors. I've bought this book - the Handmade Marketplace by Kari Chapin and my homework now is to read it and learn all I can to find out how to best market and sell my stuff. And if you're interested in seeing my newest item in my shop click here!


Blessed Flower said...

Hope the sales fairy will visit you soon :)

And don't forget to share with me all the good things you learn from that book ;)

cutedesigns said...

Yeah it does seem a bit slow at the moment, I've seen a few people saying it Guess everyone is out enjoying the summer. :)