Amigurumi movies Part 2

so at the end of the last video the little girl doesn't get an ice cream - even though she was really nice and gave the Eskimo a cup of tea.

Our main character takes off her hat. Now she is worried - she thinks there isn't enough time left to do enough good things to earn a present and so she needs to come up with another way of getting a present. She puts her hat back on and the video begins...

Here is the translation for those that need it:

or maybe in a not so nice way..

boy: there you go – you didn’t get any ice cream.

girl: it still isn’t over – I’m changing tactics.

boy: what are you talking about?

girl: I have another plan, but this time you need to help me.

boy: ok let me hear your plan.

girl: We’ll do it like this. When the Eskimo comes you will get him into a conversation and I will steal an ice cream from his basket.

boy: please – how do you think you can be good by stealing an ice cream?

girl: you are so slow. When you steal you don’t need to be good anymore to get anything – do you understand now?

boy: ok – but on one condition – that you take one for me too.

girl: ok

boy: Hello, it’s you again with your ice cream. Tell me – how is it in the North Pole? It seems to me that it must be very cold. It’s not surprising that you came to Jajce (the town where we live) – it’s better than the North pole. and how on earth do you heat your houses there? It really isn’t clear to me! There everything is ice – I have to say - I couldn’t live there.

girl: whoops – did you see how that ice cream fell out of the basket? just like it had legs! We need to go now bye

boy: you are so clumsy.

And....the final episode will be up tomorrow!