Amigurumis in the movies Part 1

This is the first video of three that were part of the children's show we put on last week. The videos are a glimpse into the imagination of the main character. Each time she needed to think she would put on a big black and red hat and then the videos would start as if we were seeing into her mind.

Before this video the main character says that she's heard that you have to be really, really good to get a present and she is worried that she hasn't been very good this year. She decides she will have to think of something good to do quickly if she has any chance of getting a present. Then she puts on her thinking hat and this video plays.

Here's a translation of the video for those of you who don't understand!

We try in a nice way to get a present:

girl: Hey look. that Eskimo has lots of ice cream. He could give me one...

boy: listen to you – he certainly won’t give you an ice cream just like that. Look how he likes to eat them.

girl: you are silly – I didn’t think he’d give me one just like that.

boy: Then what did you think. Why would he give you his ice cream?

girl: I know what I’m going to do. Look how cold it is today. I’m sure he’s freezing just like his ice cream so I will be really nice and bring him a cup of tea. You will see that he will be really grateful and I’m sure he will give me an ice cream to say thank you.

boy: pull, pull, pull

girl: Hi – your basket of ice cream is so cool.

Eskimo: Thank you

girl: I really like your hat – it must keep your ears really warm.

Eskimo: thank you

girl: You know what – I thought that today must be really cold for you and your ice cream so I’ve brought you a cup of tea.

Eskimo: thank you very much. I must go now. thanks once again. bye

boy: ha ha ha – your plan was so good...

And now I'll leave you in suspense as to what happens next - you'll have to check the blog again tomorrow:)

Enjoy and Happy New Year!