Making a good start to the year

I've been properly selling on Etsy for a year now. Last year was ok, I made sales but I also learned how hard you have to work to get sales! This year I want to do better so I guess that means even more hard work. I've been busy these last few days making new amigurumi for my shop so it's full of new exciting things at the start of the year. It's looking quite empty at the moment and when I take the Christmas stuff out it will be really empty! So keep an eye out over the next week or so and you'll see lots of new things appearing in my shop :) Here's a sneak preview of some of what I've been making.


Filiz said...

they are super cute:)))))))))))your works are very nice and creative..congrats!I love knitting,croching and amigurumi ,too.I will be a follower of your blog up to now..I have a blog,too.please visit my blog and see my amigurumies:
see you