Amigurumi movies - Part 3

Our main character is now very upset :( She tried to get a present by stealing and it didn't work and now she feels bad cos she knows she did something bad. She decides there is no way she'll get a present this year. She is really tired from all this thinking and from being upset so she puts her hat on, goes to sleep and the video starts...

Here is the translation:

It looks like there isn’t a way...

New girl: Hi

girl: hello

New girl: why are you so sad?

girl: it’s better if you don’t ask

New girl: come on – I’m sure it can’t be anything so bad – and if it is it has passed. It’s a new year – smile a little.

girl: How can I smile? – I don’t have anything to smile about

New girl: Ahh you are one of those people that needs a reason to smile. I know what you need. Here you go

girl: What?

New girl: It’s ice cream – for you. Take it.

girl: but I don’t have anything to give you in return for it.

New girl: you are silly! it’s a present. You don’t need to give me anything. I simply thought that it would make you happy. that’s why I bought it for you.

girl: wow. I can’t believe it. thank you so much. it’s so good!

And so the message of the show - a present is a present, you can't earn it, you can't steal it, you can only recieve and accept it :)