Eco Bunny and the Land of Plastic Bag Trees

'Welcome to Bosnia and Herzegovina - the land where plastic bags grow on trees!' was what someone said to us on our first visit to this country - which is now our home.

When we left the UK 18 months ago we were in the habbit of taking our 'bag for life' with us to the Supermarket, paying for plastic bags in some shops or just not using a bag at all - especially if you're buying something small.

Here in Bosnia Herzegovina they love plastic bags! The first time I went into a shop here and bought a bar of chocolate I went to leave the shop and the shop-keeper started calling after me, 'you need a plastic bag!' and no matter how many times I explained that I didn't, they wouldn't let me out of the shop without a bag! I'm kinda used to it now and I dutifully take the plastic bag.

The problem is that as a result of this there are plastic bags everywhere -and there really are places where you could be forgiven for thinking that they do grow on trees.

Eco Bunny is made with and stuffed with plastic bags that I have collected from all my shopping trips! He is pointing the way to a new future where plastic bags will not grow on trees and pollute the environment. He is available in my etsy shop.


Lakshmi said...

I love eco- bunny ! ihope we all follow the direction he is pointing towards ! great job.

out of the frame said...

thanks Lakshmi - I'm hoping to make eco-bunnies a new range in my shop.