How to make a mini amigurumi carrot

Do you want to make a carrot just like the one April has in her bag? If you do you've come to the right place!

These are the stitches used: you can click on any of them for a video demonstration.
Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet
2sctog/dec – decrease

The numbers in brackets indicate how many stitches there should be in that round.

The first step is the one I have illustrated in my blog post ‘the not magic ring’

Use 3mm hook and orange wool.

• Ch2, 4 sc in second chain from hook (4) – see picture a
• 1 sc then 2 sc in next stitch – repeat 2 times (6)
• 2 sc then 2 sc in next stitch – repeat 2 times (8)
• sc in each stitch (8)
• 2sc in first stitch, then 7 sc (9)
• 5 sc, 2sc in next stitch, 3 sc (10)
• sc in each stitch (10)
• 2sc in first stitch, then 9sc (11)

put carrot to one side – see picture b

take a 5cm length of green wool and hold it one end in each hand and twist it. Then let it fold in on itself so that it creates a double twisted cord. Tie a knot so that the twist doesn’t come undone – make it quite a fat knot. – see picture c

Stuff the carrot

*sc2tog, sc* – repeat 3 times sc2tog
stuff the green twisted cord into the small hole remaining at the top of the carrot – knot it first. see picture d

fasten off leaving a length of wool (tail) and then using a tapestry needle use this tail to sew up the hole at the top of the carrot so that the green twisted cord cannot fall out.


use 3mm hook and dark green wool. This is not amigurumi technique, this is straight crochet.
leave a long tail at the beginning
row 1: ch 5
row 2: ch 3
fasten off leaving a long tail
fix the leaf to the top of the carrot.

a tutorial on how to make the pear will be coming sometime soon... so keep reading!